Welcome to Wingrace

A brand and its products have a sublime effect onto our senses. We feel them, hear their connotations, appreciate avidly their spectacle as if they were their in our senses forever. And again from time to time it changes, the concept becomes somewhat irrelevant at times or there are differences into their forms and hues. The nuance of life goes on and along with it goes on the positioning of brands and their products, riding on the waves of our thoughts. At the same time, a brand is constantly raised into starting new shapes and unexpected forms by the arbitrary workings of our imagination. Daily the brands disintegrate, unwhispering, into our mind and next morning it rises from within again.


In order to over come the ever increasing the demand the company is coming up with a new state of art manufacturing facility, with the latest fully automatic machines spread in an area of 20,000 Sq.ft. in Greater Noida