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The 60 Doors Casement Series have been designed with 3 chambers and double active sealing system. These form an impenetrable barrier from unwanted external elements such as pollution, sound, dust, heat and only allow light indoors. This allows for the users to enjoy the beauty of the outside world without having to experience any of its side effects.

Unique features of Doors Casement Series :

  • 3D Hinges for three dimensional adjustment and enhanced load bearing capacity.
  • Multiple Point Locking Systems enable locking action at several points across the window. It also provides night ventilation and eliminates insect entry.
  • A Double Sealing Mechanism with separate gaskets on the sash and outer frame form a perfect sealing.
  • As an additional accessory, customer can also opt for the bug screen.
  • Right Inward Casement Door
    Doors Casement Series - Wide range of colours

    Keeping in mind your needs in accordance with the walls and furniture Wingrace has derived a wide range of colours for your door and window systems.
    Coloured Doors Casement Series Dark Oak Doors Casement Series Golden Oak Doors Casement Light Oak Doors Casement Series Red Lam Doors Casement Red Birch Doors Casement Series Coloured Doors Casements Poplar Doors Casement Series Rock Maple Doors Casement
    Mahogany Dark Oak Golden Oak Light Oak Red Lam Red Lam Creem Creem Rock Maple