The Undeniable Benefits of UPVC
Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is today largely used in manufacturing of windows around the world. Windows are no longer holes in the wall….today’s expectation from windows have over time increase to act as insulating medium from heat and sound, high durability, low maintenance and to match the aesthetics of the interiors and exteriors. UPVC Glass Windows with their long life, structural strength and resistance to the vagaries of environment and corrosion are best suited to meet all these requirements at reasonable prices. The longevity and superior quality of this material has been conclusively proved for almost 40 years.

Weather Resistance Doors and Windows
More than any building material, Wingrace windows and doors with their excellent material properties even after many years in use do not alter under extreme temperature and weathering.

Marine Climate Resistant Doors and Windows
Wingrace UPVC window and door systems have been successfully used in marine, sea regions and in swimming pools without detriment to finish or performance.

Spin the Wind Resistant Doors and Windows
Wind is the worst weathering element construction has ever faced. Wingrace UPVC window & door system due to their excellent material properties are ideal for being installed in buildings prone to high wind pressures.
All window types are capable of withstanding the tests specified, (wind resistance test up to wind pressure of 2400PA).

Termite Immune
With the Indian tropical climate, termites are a menace to the wood. The highly developed compounds of Wingrace UPVC systems are not only immune to these insects but fights back as well keeping you healthy and fit everything.

Eco Friendly Doors and Windows
Wingrace systems save up to 35% of your electricity bills they are 100% recyclable and reusable. Holistic thinking does not just encompass harmonic unity of the product range, but also the complete product cycle, from development to production to correct application all the way to the environment friendly concept of recycling. Keeping excessive heat or cold at bay they define the way your class looks. Show the world you care.

Maintenance Free UPVC Glass Windows
Wingrace UPVC Glass Windows do not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance. They do not rot. Wrap nor corrode even in salty coastal climates. A simple cleaning is enough reducing any further cost.

Technology to Your Advantage
UPVC material compound performs to world wide standards for strength and durability. High grade galvanized steel reinforcements are used for better stability. Wingrace UPVC window & door systems come with special inbuilt water drainage systems.

Get Yourself a Touch of Class
Wingrace UPVC window & door offers the most exciting range of aesthetical style and design. In association with top end companies from Europe and Asia, it offers latest designs with sophisticated outlook, beauty and class.

Unveiling European Safety with Perfection
High stability Wingrace UPVC window & door systems offer best solution for increased safety. Special fitting and fixtures, qualified fabrication and expert installation offers enhanced security for everybody close to your heart.

Maximum Water Tightness
No more ‘rain rain go away, come again another day’. With Wingrace UPVC windows & doors, rains will become the most cherished occasion to enjoy the nature’s bounty from your house. Perfect joints completely seal your windows against the down pour and you can enjoy the hot cuppa tea while relishing the deluge.

Fire Retardant Doors and Windows
Tests have proven that Wingrace UPVC systems are fully fire resistant, do not support combustion and are self extinguishing unlike their timber counterparts.

Live the Silence
Wingrace systems are made with high grade multichambered profiles for better sound insulation. The sound can be reduced up to 40db with appropriate glass. So word off those unwanted honks and relish the serenity

Efficient Thermal Insulation Doors and Windows
Wingrace systems are designed to prevent thermal exchanges. Its’ highly insulating capabilities gives you a cozy and comfortable surrounding.

Impact Resistant Doors and Windows
With an impact resistance of 3kg per meter at least 23 degrees Wingrace window & door systems are the most reliable and suitable to be used in any high rise construction.

An Architectures Delight
Wingrace door & window offers unlimited options to reinforce your imagination. Residential or commercial, hotels or hospitals these systems are built every need and look. No doubt it’s always an architect’s delight..

Wingrace Advantages
UPVC Glass Windows