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UPVC Sliding Windows retaining the similar kind of UPVC properties, these windows are space efficient and find suitable application at places where there are space problems. They also have an innovative sliding adapter for the insect screen. The screen adapter can be added to both 2 track and 3 track frames and is a cost effective efficient option for the screen application.

Unique features of UPVC Sliding Windows

  • It’s unique sealing mechanism comprising of a thick strip of wool pile between all sashes helps in keeping pollutants and insects out..
  • A special locking mechanism reinforced with anti lift locks prevents the windows from being opened from outside.
  • Interlocks between all the panels restrict the entry of pollutants and insects.
  • As an additional accessory, customer can also opt for the bug screen.
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    Window Sliding Series - Wide range of colours

    Keeping in mind your needs in accordance with the walls and furniture Wingrace has derived a wide range of colours for your door and window systems.
    Windows Sliding Series Design Dark Oak Windows Sliding Series Golden Oak Windows Sliding Light Oak Windows Sliding Series Red Lam Windows Sliding Red Birch Windows Sliding Series Windows Sliding Design Poplar Windows Sliding Series Rock Maple Windows Sliding
    Mahogany Dark Oak Golden Oak Light Oak Red Lam Red Lam Creem Creem Rock Maple